Choosing the right career option is really a task that has to be performed with carefulness and with knowledge. These educational organizations provide highly educated teachers who are at the top of their field to guide students at each and every step. When the time inevitably comes for some sort of change, the business analyst has several techniques at his disposal.

The results are then conveyed to the executives, the business partners, and the customers. There is also the involvement of IT. The technological infrastructure and the tools need to be in a position to handle the business needs as well as the data analytics process to maximize effectiveness.

The data model generates individual customer’s churn score which ranges from 0 to 1. Business analytics utilize data and statistics arranged in an explanatory and predictive model which shows the current and future trends along with the effects in business. One of the prime benefits that businesses may draw from such an advance analytics is the advantage of data visualization and prescriptive analytics

Business Intelligence tools help the telecom service providers to perform data analysis and to predict churn probability of a particular customer. The shortage of the skilled professionals (data analysts, business analysts, data scientists) is another challenge for any organization irrespective of the size and nature of the business analytics

As a result, DANAOS has tied-up with Qlik , the most efficient fully WEB data analytics and visualization tool, making ON-THE-FLY dashboards available on any device including tablets and smartphones. Current Business analytics software incorporates tools and applications for tracking, modelling, analysing and delivering data in support of decision-making analytics