Sub-agency is a type of brokerage relationship. Unless either party files a Notice of Disagreement with the Office of the General Counsel, the agent or attorney must refund any excess payment to the claimant or appellant not later than the expiration of the time within which the General Counsel’s decision may be appealed to the Board of Veterans Appeals.

2 Unlike licensed agents who act on behalf of insurers, licensed brokers who represent insureds were granted the fee exceptions of § 2119(c) because of the unique historical exigencies that surrounded § 2119(c)’s predecessor, L.1909, c. 33, § 169 (“§ 169”).

And that is this: typically, such offer requiring the intending buyer to comply with these procedures, is made, NOT by or from by a known or established or even readily identifiable person or entity, or necessarily by an AUTHENTIC crude seller or supplier.agent fees

One agency, Wall Real Estate in Calgary, comments on its website: I’ve been in the real estate industry for 30-plus years, and my entire time in the industry in the Calgary residential marketplace, full commission has always been considered to be 7.0 per cent on the first $100,000 and 3.0 per cent on the balance of everything over $100,000.agent fees

All charges or fees (however defined) which are payable to the agent, either by a landlord or a tenant, where a property is let under an assured shorthold tenancy or other assured tenancy must be displayed both in the agent’s office and on the agent’s website.agent fees