A friend of mine started selling investment product a few years ago and has been doing very well. Many of these are full of simple “tips and tricks of the trade” which most often only seem workable in rare situations, and that’s the whole frustrating part of the disappointment – we think we’re buying into a well built real estate business plan, but all we get is a few techniques that may be workable if the planets are all aligned just so.invest business

We also need a further 5{b551ef939ae9cc6aca26b785053ba99a11313cb0277fd75f700e8dd21159af22} to protect our million dollars from the ravages of inflation as time goes buy, so it would need to grow by 5{b551ef939ae9cc6aca26b785053ba99a11313cb0277fd75f700e8dd21159af22} per year just to keep up with inflation and finally we need a reasonable return on top to cover our lost opportunity costs and compensate us adequately for our risk exposure.invest business

Third, if you are already a stockholder and you wish to grow your investments with the $500, ask the company management about programs where your dividends are reinvested in additional shares or where you can buy additional shares through automatic payments from your salary.invest business

Yes when you have too much capital, don’t know how to allocate it, not willing to take on the volatility in the stock market, see investment grade bond yield as too low, prefer low risk and want investment in physical assets that not likely to fall in values.

But given its operating history, business model, performance against the peers, and shareholder-oriented management, I have confidence that it can continue to compete profitably in F&B sector, the management will continue to run like a business owner, and its return on invested capital (though falling recently) will remain higher than the cost of capital.