With the ever-changing world of technology, people have found many ways to do things that are much more convenient for everyone who is involved. The long-awaited subscription model for Qlik Sense was announced in July and offers a more flexible way for businesses to utilise the ground-breaking platform. As we know that work in the field of data science covers a wide array of industries, it provides many job opportunities and also a handsome salary for the professionals with knowledge of this field.business analytics

A career in the field of data analysis can be very rewarding. With the telecom market becoming more competitive, determining the reasons of the customer leaving the service of the company is increasingly difficult. The thorough and in-depth analysis of this “Big Data” requires the use of data analytics software such as Python, SAS, R and Hadoop which were developed specifically for handling Big Data.business analytics

Her Capstone Project required her to enable a political organization to understand people’s concerns, views and sentiments on topics in near real time. It was heartening to see the output from this group of people, most of whom had very little knowledge about analytics a year ago.

It offers recognition from your peers and there is better probability of gaining promotions and climbing the corporate ladder in a reputed company as part of the data analysis industry. DANAOS Business Analytics is all about Cognitive Understanding as it transforms raw data into useful information and content into context.business analytics

Business analytics usually deals with a massive amount of data whether structured and unstructured. I personally believe that until and unless you complete a few projects end to end (i.e. from data collection to building a model to implementing a model), your knowledge and approach stays theoretical in nature.