One of the industries that is making most of the global economic progress is real estate. Real estate agents are not only training to become licensed. Select the appropriate option, then Real Estate and the license you are applying for; if this is your first time select Sales Associates and then the Application for Sales Associate License. The license metric that used to count only Concurrent Usage, the Concurrent Device” license, has not been sold by Oracle for some time now.agent licence

If you are not a registered Oracle reseller you can not resell Oracle licenses or buy licenses for a third party nor give them away as a present so to speak. Visit Real Estate Career Info for requirements for obtaining a real estate license in your state. Other exams may be required as you move along your broker career.

If real estate interests you and you have the burning desire to explore new opportunities in this field then getting a license will help the dream become reality. Suppose I want to test my application with oracle personal edition. The QLD Real Estate Agent License Course would give the candidate the opportunity to own and manage a real estate agency, either on their own or with someone else.agent licence

They will submit paperwork to the state government and for a period of 30-90 days you will be able to sell until you are ready to take the state licensing exam. This is a profession where the broker learning and training really never ends. In addition, all real estate salespersons must be working under the sponsorship of a broker who holds a current New York State broker’s license.agent licence

In general I would recommend to not install anything if you dont use it 😉 Anyway from licensing point of view: lets say Oracle will audit your company, then Oracle will see which software is enabled (installed and ready to be used) but Oracle also will see which software is in use – enabled and in use are not the same.